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2019 Best Educational Gift Toy for Children: Realistic Reborn Dolls

Are you a mom, thinking of the perfect educational toy to get for your toddler? Or, you are just looking to get a safe and fun doll for your baby? Look no further, with Banydoll Realistic Reborn-Dolls; you get both the best toy and the perfect educational tool for your child. 

2019 best gifts for children: reborn baby dolls

You may wonder, how can a doll be educational? The study has shown that children, between ages three months to six years, learn social skills, develop a higher cognitive function, learn how to be more responsible, develop empathy and compassion for others and their imaginative mind becomes sharper when they play with dolls. All these benefits from dolls, even more.

There is really no other toy that offers these qualities, in one package. Banydoll Realistic Reborn toys make your purchase worthwhile, and you are sure to come back for more.


So, What is a Realistic Reborn Doll?

A realistic reborn doll is a life-like doll, which, through the work of a skilled artist, resembles a real baby, from the hair, down to the toes. Some people attach sentimental values to these dolls, and even pass them down as an heirloom, others, collect and keep them. Realistic reborn dolls have been around for a while; people are also known to keep them for therapeutic purposes.

Getting a Realistic Reborn Doll for your baby stimulates social reasoning and the ability to connect with people. This doll is the perfect gift for your child. It is cute and was made to have that sweet baby smell.


Why Banydoll Realistic Reborn-Dolls?

Banydoll Realistic Reborn doll products are among the most popular and highly sort after dolls in the world. Banydoll products are known and loved for their skilled craftsmanship, reliability, and safety. The collections of realistic reborn dolls at Banydoll are tailor-made to suit your child’s needs.

At Banydoll, the number one priority is making you happy and satisfied, every time you purchase one of their many amazing products. The different pocket-friendly realistic reborn dolls, includes boys, girls, toddlers, different ages, twins, African-American, and even Asian baby dolls.

The most important thing to Banydoll is the provision of an exquisite and exceptional experience for you from the moment you decide to purchase one of their products. The outstanding customer service will leave you beaming with smiles all through.

You don’t have to worry about waiting too long, Banydoll always delivers as scheduled and your Realistic Reborn Doll is safe, intact and unharmed. With their commitment to artistic values, Banydoll products aim to please you all the time.

Every doll has its peculiar traits and personality, but, overall, the Banydoll artistic values are seen in each one.

What you find in every collection of Banydoll realistic reborn dolls, are:

  • 100% Quality products.
  • 100% Cuteness.
  • 100% Custom-made.
  • 100% Affordable.
  • 100% Educational.
  • 100% Perfect.
  • 100% Child-friendly.
  • 100% Safety.


The products are age specific and some are listed below:

 10inches reborn baby doll for 1-12 month toddlers

Age 1 – 12 months: 10-Inch Mini-Silicon Vinyl-Lifelike Baby-Doll

This beautiful little baby girl doll in a sleeping style, is perfect for your child, the doll is life-like and very detailed.

 From the features to its accessories, it also has a sensor that monitors mom’s (your child) hormonal effects.

It comes with a feeding bottle and a baby birth certificate. Also, the vinyl silicon used to make it, gives it a real baby skin and smell. It is very safe for your child and quite affordable too.

 16inches reborn baby dolls for age 3-6 years old children

Age 2 – 6 years: 16-Inch Realistic-Lifelike Baby-Doll

The amazingly detailed artistic design of this girl doll is what makes it the perfect toy for your child. Her beautiful smile is enough to melt away all worries and stress.

The toy is movable and huggable, and she is just beautiful. She is the ultimate fashion doll and her clothes her custom made for you. She also has this clean, baby smell. The doll comes with a great brown hair, lovely brown eyes, a baby bottle and a birth certificate.

22inches reborn baby dolls for over 6 years old children

Over 6 years: Happy Baby-Diana Lifelike-Silicone Girl-Doll

The smiling girl style doll, Diana, is a great doll with a great price. Her soft body makes her snugly and easy to cuddle. She also has beautiful blue eyes and a light brown Faux Mohair. Her hands and legs are movable, and they can form different poses.

She comes packaged in a beautiful gray suit and a cute rabbit patterned bow knot. She is also made with vinyl to give you that gentle, soft, real baby skin. Her accessories include a baby bottle, pacifier, and a birth certificate.


Best Seller Dolls:

Reborn baby doll-Diana from Banydoll

 1. Reborn Doll-Diana with Curly-Hair

This doll comes packaged in a beautiful denim jumpsuit, a white shirt and fashionable gray sandals. Diana is the perfect toddler doll and she is also very fashionable.

She has yellow curly hair, lovely blue eyes and a real baby feel. Her accessories include her baby bottle, birth certificate, magic nipple and a plush toy.

twin reborn baby dolls -Aiken&Aikin from Banydoll

2. Lifelike-Reborn Twins-Doll: Aiken-&-Aikin

This twin baby doll, a boy and a girl, were crafted to give your child double the fun. You just fall in love with them, the moment you set your eyes on them, their cuteness rubs off on you and you are hooked. Their accessories are; baby bottle, pacifier, baby blanket, and birth certificate.

28 inches smilling lifelike Silicon reborn baby doll

 3. 28-Inch Smiling-Lifelike Silicon-Vinyl Reborn-Doll

This fashion girl doll also comes with the real baby skin feel; she has blue eyes and a light brown Faux Mohair. A birth certificate and plush toy are part of her accessories.


What Are You Waiting For?

These great products, and more, are available at very affordable prices at the online Banydoll store. You only need to click some buttons, and your beautiful princess, or a handsome prince, reborn doll, will get shipped to you.

It does not matter what you want, or your specifications, Banydoll Realistic Reborn Dolls, suit your needs.

Perhaps you want to get your child the perfect birthday gift, or you want a toy that can help your child learn some values about relationship and responsibility, then, you cannot go wrong with these products.

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