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Best Way to Have Fun with Realistic Baby Dolls

Best way to have fun with realistic baby dolls

Reborn baby dolls are the realistic dolls for collectors and doll lovers. It is common among mothers and doll collectors. People also give reborn dolls to children as a gift. These dolls are not regular dolls and are expensive because they are the hand made a piece of artwork. The artists made reborn dolls with great care and efforts as they are all hand made. No matter the keeper of reborn baby doll is a mom or a child, there are many ways to have fun with realistic baby dolls. Here we will discuss some easy and fun way to enjoy with the reborn baby dolls.   

Make them a bottle

One way to have fun with your reborn baby doll is to make a bottle for them. There are many tutorials and videos available on youtube from where you can learn how to make a simple bottle or fake formulae milk bottle for your reborn doll. You can make a phoney milk baby bottle that works and seems like the baby has drunk all the milk and empty the whole bottle.

Make a bottle for lifelike baby dolls

Make them a pacifier

In addition to making a bottle for your reborn baby doll, you can also make them a pacifier to have fun. If your reborn baby doll has a magnet, then you can make a magnetic pacifier, but if your reborn baby doll is without magnet, you have another option, i.e., a putty pacifier. A putty pacifier is a good option as it doesn’t cause any damage to your baby. You can also buy regular, or hand made pacifier for your reborn baby doll from any reborn doll baby accessories shop or online.

Make a pacifier for lifelike baby dolls

Buy them things

To have more fun, you can take your reborn baby doll to buy stuff for them. You can spend money on them as much as you want. You do not need to spent too much money on their shopping. You can buy new clothes, baby bottles, boy or girl pacifiers, diapers, booster seat, blankets, stroller, accessories and many more.

Buy things for lifelike baby dolls

Take them out in public

Take them out in society if you are comfortable doing so. It can be an enjoyable experience. But it depends on your personal preference that either you like to take your reborn dolls out in public or not. Some people want to keep their reborn baby dolls secret from the public or may have a fear of damaging their lovely reborn baby dolls while outside. However, most people love to take their reborn baby dolls out in public and have fun looking at the reaction of people around them.

Take lifelike baby dolls out in public

Get a car seat, crib, and bouncer, etc. for them

To have more fun with your reborn baby doll, you can get him/her a bassinet or crib where they can lie and sleep peacefully. You can also make a customized crib at home for your lovely baby. You can get assistance from several videos and tutorials available on youtube. You can get hand made doll cribs or regular doll cribs for your reborn baby dolls. If you want to add more accessories in your baby’s room, you can buy a bouncer for your reborn baby doll. If you love to take your reborn baby doll out in public, you can also buy a car seat for your assistance and to give a more natural and real look just like a real baby travelling in a car.  

Play around with them 

Playing with a reborn baby doll is the best fun experience to have for children, mothers, and even Alzheimer patients. You can hold them, change their diaper, dress them, put them to sleep, and also feed them a fresh bottle. Playing with a lovely and adorable reborn baby doll is a perfect way to have fun with the reborn baby dolls.

Take them out in public

Meet other reborn baby doll lovers and collectors

You should try to approach and meet other reborn baby doll lovers and collectors like you. It would be much more fun and enjoyable experience. You can share your urge for such a hobby. You can attend different reborn baby dolls shows and exhibitions together and even show your reborn baby dolls to each other. Much more fun lies in having a friend with the same hobby.



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