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Everyday Fun Routine with Ginny – A Lifelike Baby Doll that Blink

Everyday Fun Routine with Ginny – A Lifelike Baby Doll that Blink

Everyday fun routine with GinnyA lifelike baby doll that blink

Imagine having at your home – an adorable little lifelike baby doll that actually blinks like a real baby. This Reborn baby doll named Ginny open eyes when sitting up and closes eyes when lying. She is so lovely that no one can divert their attention from her.

It is a story about my family and we have adapted this cute baby doll and spend quality and fun time with her. My whole family loves her just like a real baby and takes care of her. I have other children but I love Ginny the same as my real babies. I look after and have fun with her doing a variety of activities in the whole day. My children love to hold her in their arms and play with her just like their cute little sister. When my whole family members look at her blinking eyes, it melts their hearts and makes them fall for her.

Kiss Ginny sleep

In the morning when I woke up, I went to the crib and woke Ginny up gently with a kiss on her forehead and whisper in her ear “Good morning sweetie”. Then I prepare a breakfast bottle for her and fed her while holding her in my arms. It is so lovely to see a cute and innocent baby doll having a baby bottle with closed eyes and sleeping in calm. After feeding her I change her diaper that is another fun activity to do with a Reborn baby doll.

I used to dress her up every morning in a pretty dress to start the day. I hold her in my arms and move around that gives me a feeling of a real baby. I and my children have fun playing with such an adorable baby doll. My children carry her and play with her with toys and stuffed teddy bear. They also swing her gently in the baby cradle.

My whole family adores her and loves to take her out in public wherever we go i.e. for shopping and outing for a picnic. We took her out to a park and enjoy walking with her in the stroller. She is so realistic that people who look at Ginny in public take it like a real baby. People are unable to distinguish it as a Reborn doll.

It is a very fun experience for us to take this cute Reborn doll to public and see people’s reaction. Mostly the people simply don’t notice and even don’t look twice at her. We had many fun experiences with her while taking her out in public.

take Ginny Out of public

Once I left my Reborn baby doll in the car at the parking area and when I came back, we saw a lady standing beside the car and dialing on phone. When I came near the car and opening the door of my car, she started shouting at me. She said, “How you can leave your baby in the car, it's too cold here”. I said, “this is not my baby” she interrupted, “no matter whose baby is this, you should be sent to jail” and started calling the police. After some time and many of my efforts, I managed to tell her that she is a Reborn doll, not a real baby but still she was not looking so happy but she left the phone and moved away.  

Anyways, after that, I always carry her along with me whenever I leave the car. However, it is always a fun experience to move out in public with my little adorable Ginny.

We always went out shopping altogether, me, my sweet children and my lovely lifelike Ginny doll. I love to buy things for her. Whenever we go shopping, we look for some pretty and cute dresses for Ginny, stylish baby bottle and pacifier for her. I feel very happy to choose pretty dresses for her and my children also help me to decide to clothe for Ginny.

I look after my Reborn baby doll just like a real baby. Every night I made a bedtime bottle for her and changed her diaper before she sleeps. I used to cuddle her in my arms and sing a lullaby to make her fall asleep. When she lay down she closed her eyes like a real baby and go to a peaceful sleep. All of us used to sleep together and have sweet dreams at night time.

Ginny is sleeping

We literally have so much fun from day to night each day living with this cute adorable doll Ginny. My children love to have such a cute little sister and I am happy to have her.  


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