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How can I Find Community and Forums of Reborn Baby Dolls

Reborn baby dolls are ubiquitous these days, especially among women. The Reborn baby doll community is a tight-knit creative group of people, mostly women who collect, create and role play with the reborn baby dolls that appears more like real babies. The reborn baby dolls are beautiful and spooky at the same time.

You can go and search on Youtube “the Reborn baby dolls”, and you will see over 90,000 videos from the people of all ages presenting their handcrafted, hand painted incredibly realistic dolls role-playing with them in different ways and showing off their love for reborn dolls. You will find how people feel playful and intensely intimate role-playing with the reborn baby dolls.

The Reborn community is a place where everyone is welcome, and you find what you belong. To stay and fit it in the Reborn community, you don’t need to act in a particular way. You can fit in the community with your thoughts about reborn baby dolls.

Being a part of the reborn community, you will get a chance to make some new and good friends. You will be able to talk and meet new people having same interest and hobbies just like you. The reborn doll community is generally very supportive, but sometimes outsiders online can bully and misunderstand you, and you can become prey for internet trolls.

Sometimes you will see that even within the reborn community itself, people will judge you. In addition to the positive response from the people about your hobby in the reborn community, you can also expect negative and hateful comments from the people.

You can be a victim of hurtful comments. The perfect way to deal with such hater is to expect them and respect them that everyone can not fit in. Two people can not be the same, and not everyone can think in the same way as you do. So don’t believe that everyone will like your hobby and understand it. But it is not always the case; the reverse is more likely to happen.

The reaction of people cannot stop you from being a part of a reborn baby doll community if this is what makes you happy. But on the whole, you will be supported by the community and will be able to make some great friends.

Here are some of the famous reborn doll:

Reborn Dolls Artist Circle

Reborn dolls artist circle is a place where you can post pictures of your reborn baby dolls, auction them, sale your dolls, buy them, and also get reborn information. At reborn dolls artist circle, everyone is welcome, no matter you are beginner, advances or expert reborn artist. At this forum, you will have lots of fun, and at the end of each month, there will be a contest where the featured artist of the month would be selected. The competition will base on the reborn dolls entered by contestants. The winner baby of each month will get their photo on the group website along with the short bio.  

It is a place to bring old and new reborn doll artists together. When any member joins the group, they will be provided with a group logo to post on their website or auction it according to their preferences. It will let people know that the member has dedicated to a standard of excellence in the art of reborning.

REAL (Reborning Expressions and Artful learning)

The R.E.A.L. - Reborning Expressions and Artful Learning is the reborn baby doll forum for reborn doll artists and collectors to get together and take classes. It will enable them to learn from each other and talk about the art of reborning.

The Baby Room

The baby room is the community of reborn baby dolls artists, collectors, admirers and lovers who come together to talk about and share their passion. Everyone is welcome here to come and take part in the community. Here you will find a home-like an environment and will get a chance to make new and great friends.

The doll spot

The doll spot is a reborn baby doll forum which has been created all for the reborn doll artists and collectors. Here you will find a range of talented and skilled reborn baby doll artists from realistic babies to primates who sew, knit, craft and crochets. The forum is very relaxed and loves to share and chat about your interests and ideas.

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