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How much a Reborn doll costs?

How much a Reborn doll costs?

Are you a doll lover? Are you planning to buy a new lovely Reborn baby doll for you? You might want to know about the actual cost of the Reborn baby dolls. Here we will guide you about the price of a Reborn baby doll and silicone babies.

First of all the short answer to the question that how much a Reborn doll cost is that a reborn doll can cost anywhere between $300 to over $1000. This is the reason that the Reborn doll collecting is the hobby of an adult like more than 18 years old. It is because they are able to make their own income, save money to afford this costly Reborn baby doll. You will only get to know the full value of a Reborn baby doll if you have paid for it yourself.

Factors affecting the price of a Reborn doll

There are so many factors determining the price of a Reborn baby doll.

Limited edition by sculptors and artists

One of the important factors is the sculptors and artists that nowadays are selling doll sculpt that are limited editions worldwide and most often the limited editions are under $1000. This is one of the reasons why Reborn baby dolls are very expensive. It is because not everybody has access to the limited edition sculpts and once all sold out, there will be no more being made, so this is one of the factors in the determination of the price of a Reborn baby doll.

The size of the Reborn baby doll

Size of the Reborn baby doll also plays an important role in determining the Reborn doll cost. Simply the cost of a Reborn doll is higher if the size is bigger. The cost of a Reborn doll increase with size. If you love you to have a big doll it is going to be expensive as compared to small ones. It is because of a number of factors like the efforts and time of artist and the work that he put into it in creating a big doll. It sometimes requires more supplies to make a bigger doll. It may also require more hours, more pain and sometimes bigger oven for heat setting paints.

Hairs of Reborn baby dolls

A hair option is another important reason in telling the cost of Reborn baby dolls. If a doll has micro-rooted hair that takes an exceptionally long time to do and the price of a doll can definitely be $200 or $300. In contrast, if you are going to buy a bald doll or a doll with painted hairs it will cost far less than fine and high-quality haired dolls.

Reborn doll making artist

The artist greatly matters in the determination of Reborn doll cost. The name and fame of artist determine the price of a Reborn Doll. Most of the people greatly believe the names and fame of artists when it comes to buying Reborn dolls. It is not always necessary that a famous artist works better than others. All the artists who make Reborn dolls are different and work in their own special and specific way. But still there are doll artists who are creating dolls for exceptionally long times and they have developed their own portfolio of work. They are more popular as compared to others and have established a clientele. So if you have decided to buy a Reborn doll from a very famous doll artist you are definitely going to pay over $1000. So, the artist plays a great role in deciding the price of a Reborn baby doll.  

Shipping options

Shipping options greatly affect the price of a Reborn doll. For instance, if you are in one country and the doll artist from which you want to buy a doll is present in any other country, he will surely charge you the extensive shipping cost in addition to the cost of the doll. If outside the country you can expect the shipping charges up to $100 and even inside the country you may have to pay $60 or $70 or even more depending on the size and weight of the box and collectors location.

You may have got a rough idea about the price of a Reborn doll and why they are so expensive. Therefore it is better to do a search and look for a doll of your interest and buy it keeping in mind all the factors discussed above.

Another Choice

There is one type of baby dolls named lifelike baby doll. They look like a reborn and actually manufacture by the factories. If you have a limited budget and want a look-real baby as a gift, they are the proper choice. Actually, lifelike baby dolls include reborn dolls and the prices are between $50 to $1000. 


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