The Best 10 Baby Dolls for 5 Year Kids

If you want to find a great playmate for your children or let them know how to take care of others, then why not buy a cute silicone baby doll which looks so lifelike for them? In fact, baby dolls can do more than that, it will make children know how their parents look after them when they are babies, so they may not be at odds with you as usual. Therefore, if you want to buy a present for your friends' children or let your children become more well-behaved, then you can totally buy a realistic silicone baby doll. In case you don't know baby dolls well, so I hereby introduce the best 10 silicone baby dolls for you, especially be fit for 5-year-old kids.


#1. Lifelike Reborn Doll with Pal

On the first sight of this lifelike reborn doll, you may have an illusion that this lovely baby doll with blue and innocent eyes is a real baby. Every detail is delicate, from her pretty appearance including brown short hair, button-shaped nose, cherry mouth and round and rosy face to their tiny hands and arms, you can even clearly see their nails, it is not surprising that she is mistaken for a real baby girl. What's more, her arms and legs are flexible, so you can let her sit, suck a pacifier, hold a nursing bottle or duck doll, and sleep on a blue and white basket with cute patterns or hold her into your arms.

Why can she look so realistic? Well, this adorable baby doll is designed by a professional designer and made of 3/4 Gentle Touch Vinyl which makes her skin feel so soft and smooth. Besides, she wears a white one-piece suit adorned with many lovely patterns and a blue baby bib with two duck patterns, which make her look so realistic and pretty.


#2. Funny Reborn Baby Girl Doll with Pal

Here comes another good pal for 5-year-old babies, a funny reborn baby girl doll. Doesn't she look so cute and lifelike? She has a lovely appearance like an angel, short blonde hair, hand-painted eyebrows, long eyelashes, blue and big eyes, glossy lips and plump and pink face. Moreover, as the raw material of this silicone baby doll is Gentle Touch Vinyl so when you gently touch her skin, you may have a wrong idea that she is a real baby.

Her clothes makes her look even more lovely and realistic. She wears a dotted hat with a pair of red ears, dotted T-shirt and socks, pure red pants, and white and red baby bib adorned with an eagle pattern, but you can help her change her clothes as you like. In addition, you are free to move her arms and legs, so your children can take care of this baby doll by sucking a pacifier and using a plush doll to coax her, and play games with her.


#3. Truly Lifelike Baby Girl Zola

If your children want to dress up others, then you can buy this truly lifelike baby girl, Zola. As you can see, Zola is wearing a white baby romper adorned with many green dinosaur patterns and a green vest coat. You can also buy some cute baby clothes for Zola so that you can change her clothes but attention that you are not supposed to take a shower for her because the head, arms and legs of this baby doll is handcrafted of Gentle Touch Vinyl. The silicone makes her skin feel like real baby skin.

Look, Zola is sleeping on a white blanket with holding a baby bottle and sucking a baby pacifier. She looks like an angel! She has light brown hair, long eyelash, bright and intelligent eyes, chubby face and a tinny mouth. Except changing her clothes, you can also comb the hair, tie up the hair and wear a cute hairpin for her. Therefore, Zola is one of the best playmate for the 5-year-old children.


#4. 19 inch Reborn Baby Doll

How cute and beautiful this reborn baby doll is! Why not buy one for your children? From her smoke gray eyes, you can see simplicity and purity. Besides, she also has light brown hair, hand-painted eyebrows, a button-shaped nose, a tiny and delicate mouth and rosy cheek. Like other baby dolls, she also wears a set of adorable clothes, a blue and white baby bodysuit, a baby bib with a big dog pattern and a knitted hat and knitted shoes. But that doesn't mean you can't dress her as what you want.

Her body is made of Gentle Touch Vinyl, there is no wonder that her skin feels like real baby. Besides, this baby doll is as heavy as a real baby and her arms and legs are very flexible, which makes her look like a real baby. That means your children can look after this baby doll like you did, such as changing her clothes, giving her a baby pacifier, lulling her to sleep in the baby basket.


#5. Truly Sweet Reborn Baby Girl Cathy

Look! Doesn't this reborn baby girl look like your dream baby? This sweet baby doll is called Cathy or you also can rename her in your preference. Her pretty appearance, from her handcrafted short brown hair and plump face to hand-painted eyebrows, hand-inserted brown eyes and pink lips, is so attractive to people, especially young children. What makes her even more sweet is her clothes, a white baby onesie adorned with many various heart-shaped patterns and a matching hat with two ears.

Except the lifelike appearance, this baby doll also features her supple and shiny skin which gives you a wrong idea that you are touching a real baby because her main body is made of silicone by professionals. In addition to that, you will find that her arms and legs are very movable so that children can let this baby doll make different poses for entertainment like siting on the blanket, sleeping on the pillow, sucking her fingers or nipple and carrying a milk bottle.


#6. Pink Sweet Girl

Wow, this sweet baby girl in pink dress is siting on the blanket and looking at you with her naive and brown eyes, the next moment, she can lie on the bed with sucking a nipple. How pretty and beautiful she is! Your children probably fall in love with this silicone baby doll once they see her as she has adorable look, sweet dress and flexible limbs.

Why can this baby doll make different poses? Because her limbs are made of silicone so that her arms and legs are flexible enough to move as you like.

Who can resist her loveliness, chunky and pink face, light brown eyebrows, big brown eyes, a tinny nose and glossy lips? Besides, her light brown hair is short, but your children can still comb the hair for her. Unlike the above baby dolls, she is wearing a pink dress adorned with laces, a matching hair ribbon on her head and a pair of matching shoes. Besides, this silicone baby doll accessories contain a baby bottle, a magnet baby nipple and a baby blanket.


#7. 16 inch Reborn Baby Doll

If your children want to braid the hair for baby dolls, then I recommend you to buy this reborn baby doll with blonde hair. She looks very fashionable and sweet, doesn't she? She is characterized by her pretty appearance, from her big brown hair, an upturned nose, cherry lips and rosy cheek to her tiny limbs. She is dressed up with a white dress with pink laces, a white coat and a pair of white sockets. Besides, she also wears a pink butterfly hairpin adorned with dots on her head. Children can change her clothes, comb her hair, tie up her hair and give her haircuts in their preference.

What's more, children can move their arms and legs flexibly as their main body is made of Gentle Touch Vinyl which also makes their skin feel like as soft and shiny as real baby skin, so children can play with this realistic silicone baby doll and learn that how their parents take care of them.


#8. 16 Inch Cuddly Silicone Doll with Baby Blanket

Do you want to buy a baby doll for your children so they won't feel lonely? Then why not buy this sweet silicone doll for them? This baby doll is 16 inch, from head to toe, so your children can embrace her into arm, touch her soft skin and stroke her short light brown hair. How pretty and cute she is! While looking into her big blue eyes, you can see nothing but innocence. Besides, she also has round face, long eyelashes, button-shaped nose and rosy mouth, just like an angel.

She looks even more pretty in a set of white baby romper with plenty of cute car patterns and a matching hat with two ears. You can also buy some beautiful dresses for her, but note that you should not let her skin touch water because the main material of this baby doll is Gentle Touch Vinyl. What's more, children can easily move her arms and legs so that this cuddly silicone doll is really a wonderful pal for 5-year-old children.


#9. Lifelike Lovely Baby Doll Nora

Here comes another lifelike lovely silicone baby doll. She has a dreamy expression, featured short light brown hair, chunky rosy cheek, big brown eyes, an upturned nose and a tinny mouth, it's no wonder that she is called Nora, a very sweet name. But you can also give her another name as you like. What makes her more attractive is her sweet and beautiful dress, she is wearing a white and pink dress with laces and a white coat. She looks like a cute princess, doesn't she?

Moreover, she is made of silicone by a professional designer. Every detail is so delicate that this baby doll looks so lifelike and sweet. You can even find her nails are glossy and her arms and legs are very movable, that means your children can let this lifelike silicone baby doll sit on the blanket, sleep on the bed, suck the pacifier, hold the milk bottle or make other cute poses. There is no wonder that Nora is one of the best gift for the 5-year-old children.


#10. Realistic Baby Doll Naomi & Pal

This cute and cuddly silicone baby doll with a white and black long-sleeve T-shirt and a pink jumpsuit adorned with heart-shape patterns and letter of "Baby Nurse" is called Naomi, she also wears a pink flower hairband on her head. She looks so lovely as she has hand-painted light brown eyebrows, naive and brown eye, a button-shape nose, a tinny mouth and chunky face. Her skin looks so soft and smooth, why not touch her skin? Her body is mainly made of silicone vinyl which give you an illusion that you are touching real baby skin. Besides, you are free to move her arms and legs so that she is one of the best pal for your children.

The doll accessories include a bear-shape baby bottle, a magnet nipple, a white baby blanket and a pretty white doll adorned with several heart-shape patterns, that means your children can let this baby doll carry the baby bottle or her pal, suck the magnet nipple and sleep on the baby blanket.


The top 10 reborn baby dolls are shown as above, all of them are the best gifts for 5-year-old babies as these silicone baby dolls can let children free of loneliness, become more well-behaved and have fun with looking after younger children. In fact, these silicone baby dolls can also be a great pal for the old-age people and let new mothers learn how to take care of newborn babies before their babies are born. In consequence, don't hesitate to go to buy a sweet silicone baby doll for your young children and old-age parents now.