The Top 10 Most Realistic Reborn Twin Dolls

Are you looking for some cute and realistic silicone baby twins? Well, as reborn dolls are so lovely and beautiful that you may want to purchase one for children or collect realistic reborn dolls for entertainment. If so, then why not buy reborn twin dolls? Below are the top 10 most realistic reborn twin dolls including a baby boy doll and a baby girl doll, you can just pick some from them.


10 Inch Realistic Reborn Twins babies

Wow, the reborn twins babies in white romper with star patterns look the same as each other. Every delicate detail, from their supple and elastic skin, long hand-made eyelashes and button-shape nose to tiny hands and feet, makes these reborn twin babies look real. Both of them are made of vinyl silicone, so you may have an illusion that you are touching a real baby.

As they are twins babies, how to tell which one is the baby boy doll or baby girl doll? The baby boy doll has a pair of big eyes and wears a blue hat, while the baby girl doll close her eyes and wears a red hat.

So Sweet Twins Hanson & Maria Lifelike Baby Doll

Look, how soundly the baby doll sleeps! She is leaning her head on her brother's shoulder, why not embrace her into my arms so that she can sleep more comfortably? Doesn't she look like your dream baby? Look at her cherry mouths, little nose and short brown hair, how could it possible that you not like her?

Her brother is sucking a pacifier and holding a baby bottle. Once you look into his big brown eyes, you probably fall in love with him and can't help to gently touching her rosy face.

Both of them are so sweet and realistic.


Lifelike Silicone Twins Dolls Carolina and Baily

How adorable Carolina and Baily are! You may even not believe that they are lifelike silicone twins dolls because they look so real. These reborn twin baby dolls is characterized by hand-rooted brown hair, turned-up nose and chunky face. What's more, their arms and legs are flexible so that you can let them sit, hold them into your arm, let them sleep on the pink pillow or other postures for taking pictures.

Their baby romper and tops adorned with many animal patterns including elephant and giraffe makes them even more sweet.


16 Inch Silicon Reborn Twin Baby Dolls

Meet two lovely silicon twin baby dolls here. From the first sight of these realistic baby dolls, you are likely attracted to their beautiful appearance, from their pink and chunky cheeks, long eyelashes, tinny noses and glossy mouths. As their hair is hand-rooted, so you can take off their hats and comb the hair with a comb. The baby boy doll has a pair of big brown eyes, while the baby girl doll sleeps sweetly with her eyes closing.

Moreover, you will find that their arms and feet can be moved freely so you can easily let them suck a nipple, carry a bottle or bear doll and sleep on bed.


So Lifelike Reborn Twins Doll Aiken & Aikin

Aiken and Aikin are reborn twin baby dolls, look, they are as alike as two peas. Aiken is the beautiful reborn girl baby wearing the pink hat with her eyes closed, while Aikin is the smart silicone boy doll in the blue hat with a pair of bright and innocent eyes.

When you see them for the first time, you will fall in love with them certainly. How cute they are! The silicone baby twins have hand-painted eyebrows, soft and brown hair, delicate mouths and flexible arms and legs. You are free to move their limbs to let them pose various postures.


Lifelike Reborn Twins Doll Kelly & Zelly

Look, the two reborn twins doll are saying hello to you. The next moment, they brandish the hands and feet, as if they are asking you to hug them. You can easily move their limbs as you like. When you carefully look at them, you will be attracted by their endearing appearance, from chunky face to innocent blue eyes, upturned nose and little mouth.

The baby girl doll is named Kelly who wears a pink flower, while the baby boy doll is called Zelly who wears a gray hat.


10 Inch Twins Baby Set Shirley and Silver

What two adorable silicone baby dolls they are! They are reborn twins, both of them are made of Gentle Touch vinyl and have the identical lovely look, featuring hand-applied eyelashes, button-shaped nose, delicate lips and plump rosy cheek.

The one closing eyes is Silver and the other one has innocent brown eyes is Shirley. Both of them wear cute one-piece suits with white spot patterns and have bowknots on head.


Twin Babies - The Baby Basket Free

Here come another lovely reborn twin babies. They are so adorable and realist. Every detail is very perfect, from their blushing cheek, glossy rosy lips and smoky gray eyes to hand-painted fingernails and toenails. The only difference between them is their clothes. The one in baby romper with pink edge is the baby girl, so the other one in baby romper with blue edge is the baby boy. As their arms and legs are flexible enough to move freely, so they can easily make your children happy.


10 Inch Realistic Twin Reborn Babies Bader and James

Look at these silicone baby twins, Bader and James, it seems that they are asking "Would you like to take us home?" and I will say yes. How delicate and realistic they are! Doesn't you want them? Unlike the above reborn twins, their skins are black, which makes them look smart. They also feature hand-made long eyelashes, small nose and rosy mouth, as well as the beautiful clothes.

James wears a black jumpsuit and a black cap, while Bader wears a pretty dresses. Both of them looks like so cute and realistic.


Newly-Married Silicone Full Body Dolls

Unlike the above reborn twin dolls, here comes the newly-married silicone full body dolls. The

bride doll, with rosy cheek and cherry mouth, wears a white wedding dress and a long veil, while the bridegroom, with blond hair and big brown eyes, wears a black suit. Both of them are holding a bunch of flowers. How sweet they are!

Besides, their limbs can be moved, so you can let them have different poses. Therefore these dolls are one of the most perfect choice for collection.


If you want to buy reborn twins for children or for collection, then you can totally pick one pair of silicone baby dolls from the above. All of them are so beautiful, lovely and realistic. Children will fall in love with them from the first sight.